parkrun data - reloaded.

We've grouped parkruns into geographical collections. Choose to see who has run the complete set, how fast they've done it, and who is on their way.

We've made a few behind the scenes changes to make weekly updating easier. We've tested as much as possible but please let us know if there are any problems, especially if you've previously sent a correction that has been lost!

Click on the button to show times for individual runs

Last updated with 07 Dec 2019 PR data

How many folk have ticked off the full set?

And what happens when a new parkrun is launched? Each dot represents the addition of a new parkrun to the collection. Hover over to see which parkrun launched, and the number of runners who had the full set at the time. The first dot is the second run in the collection, this is to help make the charts a bit more readable

Last updated with 07 Dec 2019 PR data

Need to check your progress?

This table shows everyone who's at least halfway to getting the full set, and which runs they still need to do.

Last updated with 07 Dec 2019 PR data